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Notes in place

Row houses that are not flush with one another, dark rooms, and books that are not evenly lined up on bookshelves leave me feeling uncomfortable. Even if I rest in those places, I don't feel rested. Maybe that's why I've made so many trips to tidy bookstores, wide rivers, and well-lit restaurants over the past few years. I can study there and I actually feel comfortable. I can sit there and actually feel rested.

The other day I was sitting at work and not feeling right. I doodled a little character in a baseball jersey in my planner. Actually, I felt more like the girl in the drawing that I felt like the girl in the office. But I was here and not there! I can't wear a baseball jersey to work or tote around a baseball. But that is the way I wanted to be in just that moment. Could I do that after work? Hmm, probably not. I don't want to have to fight off confusion with explanations - I just want to spin.
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