Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

Another form of time

When people ask me what I do in my free time, I often have to think a while before formulating an answer. Quite a bit of my free time is spent doing nothing in particular. I may look around my room or stack books on my desk. Of course, I do lots of other things, too - talk with others, run errands, listen to music, read, watch something on TV, drink tea - there are many possibilities! But even so, I feel like I need a lot of time doing nothing except transitioning, readjusting, or preparing for whatever comes next. I can write a note in my planner or refer to my calendar within a few seconds, but I have to give myself a long time to let those things sink in and structure themselves in my mind so I'm ready to face the week ahead.

I'm learning to appreciate that time and my need for it. I realize that it's just as valid as the time spent running those errands or work projects. It's a part of the process. Even though it may look like inactivity, it's still an activity - a processing activity.
Tags: transitions, work

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