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Baseball :)

Ever since last October, I've been really excited about baseball :) My boyfriend Nathan taught me the rules while I was on furlough. We watched a bunch of post-season games and learned how to score them. Behind the cut are some photos of the baseball fun!

Nathan and I cheered for the Pirates - huzzah!! :)This was one of the scorecards I wrote out last October.
Nathan's hat and platelet (which dreams of being a pitcher :D)I found a pirate sign while riding metro! Yarrrr!
During the winter season, I decorated my cubical...I scored a few spring training games. The Pirates scored 22 runs!!
This April, I went to a Nationals game :)A very kind woman gave me an extra ticket - we sat right along the 1st baseline!
This was my (messy) scorecard. I got a free pencil...with no eraser!I also got a free shirt and bought a hat to match! Go Nats!
Nathan gave me a nice scorebook for my birthday :)I recorded a game between the Pirates and the Cubs - it turned out to be the longest game in Pirates history in terms of time spent!
Nathan's grandparents gave me a nice Pirates shirt for Christmas :)I also bought a jersey, hehe!

Some sample scoring notes...
He hit the ball and got
safely to first base
He struck out :(
Home run!!He scored, thanks to
his teammates, numbers
31 (Tabata), 18 (Walker),
and 10 (Mercer)!
The ball was caught...
he's out :(
The 2nd baseman got
the ball and threw to the
first baseman...he's out :(
He got tagged out before
reaching second base :(
He was caught stealing :(
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