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Insufficient Data

Sometimes I feel that I can't respond because I don't have enough data. The mental wheels are turning, but without clear guidelines or a specific focus, my mind is just cycling in a state of uncertainty and anxiety with no output. It reminds me of the computer in Star Trek that sometimes answers,

"Working." ...
"Insufficient data."

Mr. Spock said that once, too, in the second season episode called "The Immunity Syndrome."

Captain Kirk: "Spock, give me an update on the dark area ahead."
Mr. Spock: "No analysis due to insufficient information."

Unlike Mr. Spock, I usually fumble around because I figure I need to come up with something. I feel like I need to have an answer or action. It kind of sounds like Captain Kirk's response: "No speculation, no information, nothing? ... Insufficient data is not sufficient, Mr. Spock! You're the science officer. You're supposed to have sufficient data all the time." Hmm, maybe that's the part that contributes to the anxiety. People tell me that they don't always have an answer, either, so I shouldn't feel so bad. It's just frustrating to feel so immobilized in those moments.

Maybe I should be a little more realistic with my expectations :) I mean, after Captain Kirk said that, Mr. Spock just replied, "I am well aware of that, Captain, but the computers contain nothing on this phenomenon. It is beyond our experience..." Maybe that's where I need to pray and not worry about doing something wrong and just do what I can. What do I know? What little thing can I do or say? Captain Kirk tried that next, asking Spock what he did know: "I don't know about you but I'm tired. If you can't tell me what it is, let's use reverse logic. Perhaps it'll help if you tell me what it isn't." Maybe I need to pray for peace in place of anxiety in those moments - because there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. And He is the Healer, not me. And He is with us! It's as if Mr. Spock had Dr. McCoy alongside him to help treat the patient :) I'm sure he would make way for the doctor to do his job at that point.
Tags: aspergers, questions, social, star trek

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