Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

For River: Joy

River: We'd be able to see her from the window!!

"Sometimes happiness is expressed in an immature or unusual way, such as literally jumping for joy or flapping hands excitedly." The Complete Guide to Asperger's Syndrome by Tony Attwood, page 133.
"When excited by a task or activity, Megan's voice quality took on a child-like quality." -My ASD evaluation

Yes. When I'm happy, I just want to jump up and down. (When I'm angry I sometimes do the same.) It's as though the emotion is so strong that I can't filter it into a socially modulated format. It just leaps! I spin or clap or yell, "Yay!!" Even small things trigger overwhelmingly strong emotions like these. So when the Pirates won the baseball game (one of over a hundred this year) a few weeks ago, I was literally bouncing in my office chair and beaming ear to ear. I hoped that no one would walk by just then. But then again, I didn't care. I'm just so happy ^__^

I've also noticed that I use the words "just" and "so" in emails all the time. Everything is just so kind/hard/great/sad/much! When I edit my emails, I have to tone down the emotional voice because it's so emphatic. And I tend to use tons of exclamation marks and smilies pre-editing, too. I leave a lot in, but try to smooth the flow of the sentences SO I'M NOT SPEAKING IN ALL CAPS TONE! WAIII!! XD My older emails and livejournal posts don't have this filtering, though :)

(Second post reflecting on the video game "To The Moon")
Tags: aspergers, books, childlike, communication, joy, tothemoon, video games, weasel

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