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I feel, as the Japanese onomatopoeia goes: bo----

I've gone n caught a sniffle! And I feel all germ-y >.< Blarg! And I have a ton of homework to do today/this week *sighs* It might help if my room had light >< I am getting sick of this darkness room is all messy but how can I clean it in the dark?? They'd better come fix my light soon <:( But, on the bright side, I am so happy with my icons that I set my journal to show them by default (the only problem is that there is no link to my friends page there, so I'll have to go to my info page to get to my friends page...but that's not too much trouble ^_^) Well, my plan for the day is to cleanse myself of this disease and get a good chunk of my homework out of the way and other such things. I'll be around if anyone is bored and wants to chat^^ (Wait, I'm always around anyway :p)

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