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River: There are exactly sixteen second-order Fresnel lens lighthouses in the country left. Nine of them are coastal, and one of them was modified from a historic kerosene lamp lighthouse.

When I was young, my family often went to the library. There was a little public library near my school where we would go. I loved the DK Eyewitness picture books. After I turned ten, my parents sometimes took us to the big library in Williamsport. It had three or four floors. And they had so many books - even some in the basement! On our trips, I usually raced up the elevator to the top floor and then quietly walked to the far back section. That's where the non-fiction history books were. Among them, there was a small section of books about the the explorers. I went there to find books that talked about Ferdinand Magellan and his voyage to circumnavigate the globe. I could have told you the names of all his ships, the origin of the name 'Tierra del Fuego', and the name of the youngest member of Magellan's crew who also was one of only 18 to finish the voyage - Juan de Zubileta. He was a sobresaliente.

When I was twelve, we read two abridged novels about sailing in school - Moby Dick and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I read the full versions, too, because I thought the abridged versions were a sorry replacement for the originals. That year in science we learned the biological classification system and I couldn't get enough of the scientific names for organisms. In our final science class, we had a fun quiz day where the teacher asked us questions. I only remember one question that he asked us: "What is the scientific name for the study of fish?" Oh, oh, oh! I knew the answer! That's such an easy question! I raised my hand and then exclaimed: "Ichthyology!!!!" I love ichthyology! (I had loved coloring the anatomical parts of a fish a few months earlier for our homework assignment. We had to cut out each organ and tape it to the page in the correct spot of the fish's belly. Some organs overlapped and the last piece to be taped on was the outer layer of scales. I colored, cut, and taped each part with care and colored the outside with the pattern of a clownfish.)

And so it has continued! I love studying things. And I love it when I have the chance to tell others what I've learned. I bet it made River happy, too :)

(Ninth post reflecting on the video game "To The Moon")
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