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I'm waiting to coordinate a phone conference and feeling super stressed. Ack! What is it about telephones that makes my heart race and causes me to feel so panicked? :(

Come to think of it, I don't mind conference calls where I'm listening to a presentation. It's just the ones where I need to cooperate with others in order to get information or solve a problem. I don't feel comfortable working in a team, especially not over the phone where I can't see them and don't have any visual anchors to keep myself grounded in the material. Maybe it's because I approach teamwork the same way I do individual work - as if I needed to have full control to get the job done right. If I'm not in control, I tend to just shut off. I don't like to be responsible for other people's choices. I still haven't figured out the art of negotiation and still struggle to trust others.
Tags: anxiety, social

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