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That's how the past few months have felt. I haven't been able to keep up with things. It's been a hectic mix of wonderful and awful:

My grandparents have not been well.
My brother is engaged!
A trip to Gettysburg for a birthday celebration.
Work part time from home.
A trip to Ohio and North Carolina for vacation with Nathan.
A trip to Philadelphia for a wedding celebration.
Visits from my boyfriend and from my brother.
Change of driver's license, paperwork, etc.
Cooking, laundry, cleaning.

I haven't settled yet.

I have had some time in between everything, but I've felt like staring at the floor or poking at Minecraft for hours straight without looking up. Need more time. I feel empty inside because I'm overflowing. Exceeded capacity.

I think I'm starting to feel myself again, though. For the first time in a while, I wanted to study something. (Woah!) So I got out the notebooks and filled some lines with Inuktitut yesterday. Ah, structure, quiet, and art.

Tags: anxiety, daily, family, joy, sorrow, work

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