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Reflections On Pokemon X

It's been about one year since I got Pokemon X. I've had a great time playing through it. I like raising my Pokemon and watching them defeat others. (I love the sound of a hit that's super effective, so long as it's not against me :P) I also like collecting Pokemon and organizing my boxes. I've finished the Kalos Pokedex and am working on the National dex. It's also fun to feed my Pokemon snacks and make silly faces at them :3 I get most of my Pokepuffs from the Berry Picker game. It makes me feel like I'm playing Stepmania or Tetris.

My favorite places are Anistar City and Snowbelle City. The music and graphics are so beautiful for both of them. I also like the music during the final battles against the Elite Four and the Champion. Whew, I don't know how I defeated them the first time around! Lots of Revives were needed...

It's so hard to choose a team of just six Pokemon to be my main companions. I think I've narrowed it down to Leafeon (Chai), Togekiss, Zygarde (Fredrich), Clefable (Starlie), Dragonite, and Wynaut (Hope).

Other favorites are Chespin (Spock), Vivillon (Persephonie), Umbreon (Calligraphy), Lunatone (Telperithil), Meowstic (Zara), Drifblim (Wellman), Minccino (Cloudy), Sylveon (Alabaster), Vaporeon (Joppa), Ampharos (Alexandria), Amaura, Chimecho, Minun (Freder), and Crobat (Petroglyph).

I feel like there's still so much to do! I had started played Pokemon Black a few months ago and need to get back to that. I was getting impatient because I didn't like my early Pokemon. Now I have Servine and Audino, though, so I am starting to get some fun ones :) I like the wild Pokemon encounter music better in that game, too. I've gotten as far as Castelia City, so I'm still just at the beginning. Big cities like Lumiose make me nervous, though O_o; But Bianca makes me smile and the plot is intriguing. Hm, maybe I'll work on that. I don't think I'll bother with the pokedex there, though, since I have most of them already in Pokemon X.
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