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Thanksgiving 2014

This year's Thanksgiving was really nice. My boyfriend came from Ohio to spend a few days with us, which was a blessing :) My brother and his fiancé spent Thanksgiving with her family. We didn't do any traveling this year since a few of my family members have been ill or recovering from injuries. We did get to visit with some of them throughout the week, though. We ate a delicious Thanksgiving dinner - turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, filling, cranberry sauce, fruit salad, and last but not least - pumpkin pie!

We spent the week resting and watching the series Avatar: The Last Airbender and a little football. I really liked the Avatar series. The characters were great and the locations and clothing were beautiful. It's given me some ideas to think more about, too. During the week, we also checked out the new Super Smash game and played some other games. Nathan showed me Castlevania and I gave him an introduction to Pokemon. I was so proud that he caught his first wild Pokemon - a Scatterbug *chitter chitter* ^_^ We also played a little Wind Waker. We also visited with family, went out for lunch one day, and did some other things around the house. There's so much to be thankful for :)

On Wednesday, it snowed all day. We probably got six inches. It was really beautiful outside. I was recovering from a cold, so I wasn't able to get out and shovel; but I enjoyed resting and looking out at the white and grey landscape. Ah, it reminded me of New Years at Ryoanji in 2005. The rock garden was so peaceful and beautiful that day.

I'm still not feeling up to par, but I have some more doctor's appointments coming up. There's also work as usual, lots of December activities, and then job hunting once the new year rolls in. May God help me to persevere and give me strength for each day! He has been faithful to give me strength in the past, so I know that He is faithful for the future, too.
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