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This past year, I began collecting items related to a Pokemon called Wynaut.

Wynaut is a Psychic type Pokemon - or as I think of it, a mental-type Pokemon. Basically, Wynaut only has two attacks and neither can be used in isolation. Both of these moves are counter-attacks. If another Pokemon strikes Wynaut, and the correct counter-attack of the two was selected, then Wynaut will return the strike with double the force.

In the world of Pokemon, attacks are either "physical" or "special." Physical attacks are ones in which a Pokemon makes contact with the other. An example is "Tackle" where one Pokemon tackles the other. Special attacks are ones in which the Pokemon may not touch the other, but the opponent is still affected. An example would be "Thunderbolt" where the attacker doesn't physically touch the other, but a thunderbolt does instead.

Wynaut has a counter-attack for physical attacks (called "Counter") and a counter-attack for special attacks (called "Mirror Coat"). The counter-attack must be selected at the beginning of a round, so the player needs to make a guess at which one to use. Counter should be selected if you think the opponent will use a physical attack, like Tackle. Mirror Coat should be selected if you think the opponent will use a special attack like Thunderbolt. If the correct counter-attack is selected, Wynaut takes damage but deals double the damage in return. If the wrong one is selected, Wyanut takes damage from the opponent and his counter-attack fails.

At first glance, this seems like a 50-50 chance guessing game. It can feel that way. But, as you learn more about each Pokemon, you find that some specialize in physical attacks while others rely on special attacks. Fighting type Pokemon, for example, often use physical attacks, while Electric type Pokemon often use special attacks. Also, if you've battled a certain character before, you may know the attacks they prefer. Using this experience and information, you can make a pretty good guess at whether to use "Counter" or "Mirror Coat."

I've been raising a Wynaut in Pokemon X named Hope. I recently took her into battle with the Elite Four and Champion. I usually brought her in mid-battle when I faced a tough opponent. It was scary, because I had to predict what the challenger would do, but I was very happy when my Wynaut sent level-60 Pokemon fainting with one hit :3 buahaha! Don't underestimate my bright Pokemon ^_^

I've become fond of Wynaut, so I've been collecting figures, plush, and flats related to them. Here are the posts that I've shared with the Pokemon Collectors community throughout the year:

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