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Tokyo Babylon Image Soundtrack Two..and nothing else...

I have gotten absolutely nothing really productive done today...

I went to class...went to work..went to manga part of my Japanese Education hw..answered those questions...avoided my paper...avoided it more..made many many SuxSei icons...listened to the second Tokyo Babylon Image Soundtrack all night ^__^

I made an icon based on my fav TB Song - Blue Desert XD The pic is from X18-X19 of Subaru -> Sakurazukamori Subaru, that it! XD *dies*

That was my day! Now I better get to work on my paper asap or else I am gonna kick myself... >.< I gotta stop screwing around...I wonder if I were healthy if I would have worked on it? O.o If only I felt genki x.x I blame my laziness on the fact that I feel like my sinuses are burning and my sternum is caving in.. *itai*

maybe I can work some on my paper now...? ....zzzz....~_~...maybe not O.o

Addition: Re-instated my Setsuka icon :3 I am happy again^^ Added another Setsuka icon^^ Setsuka rocks ^___^ I think I need more icon space - lol!

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