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Reading about Abner

Was looking up names last night, starting with Abner. I had been brainstorming good names associated with baseball and Abner was resonating with me as a good one. But I couldn't remember who the original Abner was in the Bible. So I did some searching and ended up spending the night researching the meanings of the names of the mighty men of King David's day...Abner, Joab, Asahel... I then spent the morning charting out King Saul's family tree and read the CEB translation of 2 Samuel 1-5 or so. So interesting...

This evening, was mapping out Genesis 49 notes with the tribes of Judah and Benjamin. It's interesting that grapes and wine are mentioned in regards to Judah, especially considering the new covenant made in Jesus' blood. Was garnet the color assigned to Judah in the high priest's breastplate? What kind of armor did Abner and his men have (2 Samuel 2:21)? Does Jerusalem mean a shower of peace? What did David mean by his comments about going to take Jerusalem (2 Samuel 5:8)? And did Ishbosheth look like this after his conversation with Abner in chapter 3 :x O_o;; It sounds like it :P

Questions, questions :)
Tags: bible study, history, ii samuel, names
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