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Christmas Review of Lists...

Well, here I am! Matt has off school today - as we have a ton of snow out there and pretty much all the area schools are cancelled due to inclemant weather.

Ok, before Christmas we went to the mall to do some ast minute shopping. They didn't have the Band of Brothers Soundtrack or a Solidus Snake Figure (from MGS2). But w did see Two Towers. My Dad was hating the entire thing, but I was quite satisfied. Hey, the movie was half the price I paid at the Majestic in Gettysburg, the seats and rooms were new and nice, and a guy dressed in a Gandalf suit handed out trading cards - I got a purdy pic of Frodo right on top my pack!! ^_^ I was a happy girl.

Here was my actual X-Mas. I got(let's see if I can remember everything):
-Infinity, a Tokyo Babylon-X Doujinshi
-Another TB Doujinshi with dear Subaru in Wings on the Cover
-LOTR Planner (some old pics from 2002 are soooo going on my wall at Gbg)
-X Manga 17 (which finishes off my X collection up to now)
-Tokyo Babylon DVD from..ages ago *shrugs*
-Japanese-English/English Japanese Dictionary (Eewa-ziten to waee-ziten desu yo)
-teehee the Two Towers Soundtrack
-A stuffed hammerhead sharkthat talks
-A new outfit (green shirt and cream pants)
-Some other things including Skittles, a Christmas mouse like the one I had when I was little, and uh...other things

From Gram and Pap (of Newky) I got the Quarters Set from 2002, lotion, and $$ to buy my Frodo Plushie - Happy Birthday to me!!

From Nichole and her friend I got geisha socks, a sushi rolling mat, a little Japanese girl figure (studying - how like me^^), a CD, a very kawai outfit if I do say so myself, and various others....

Matt got a bunch too, but he has most been playing his X-Box...Halo rocks, but the Flood are just as messed up as Resident Evil freaks!! >.< Fun fun fun!!!!
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