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I failed!

I failed my promise to myself and made an icon today ^.^ lol

That does it - I have absolutely no will power!

My room is still dark cause they haven't fixed my overhead light. And my birthday balloon is deflated and keep brushing against the door to my closet and it is annoying when I am trying to sleep... The last week before Spring Break is rapidly passing - which is good cause that means I can go home and get good food and sleep for a week...but before that can happen I have some midterms and a paper due... It's a bitter-sweet life! ^^

I have been swapping off between obsessing about many different series lately - as you can tell from my copious icons, I am sure!

-CLAMP: X - The Sakurazukamori's: Setsuka, Seishirou, Subaru!
-CLAMP: Tokyo Babylon - Subaru, Seishirou!
-CLAMP: Suki Dakara Suki - Hina-chan, Asou-sensei!
-CLAMP: XXXHolic - Watanuki and D. N. Angel - Satoshi! (cause guys with glasses are cute..or something.. XD)

Addition: 12:58 - Got my Japanese Ed & Modernization hw done..and now I am depressed...

The last chapter talked about bullying in school and all these kids who committed suicide as a result. It made me all depressed. I wanna run up to them and huggle them and let them talk - cause thats what they needed and didn't get from anyone. ;_; It's not like there's anything I can really do though...even so, I have this tendancy to take on other's burdens as my own even though they don't know's like their emotions weigh me down too and then I can empathize with them. At least, that's how it was with my studying of Mr. Fleet - it wasn't like I could do anything for him in the least, but I offered my thoughts, time, prayers, and sincerest wishes in his name and taking that burden upon myself without reason. To which some said that I was in an unhealthy mindset. But for me I was just doing what I could because I had a deep, deep empathy. And that's how I feel right now. So...yeah. *huggles* to all my friends - if you ever need to talk I am always willing to listen - its the least I can do! ^^

Tags: aspergers, fandom, food, icons, interests, justice, love, manga, schoolwork, squish

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