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Today's prayers

Lord, thank you for today. I've felt kind of weird today - am I still recovering? I feel like my RAM is full and I need to defragment out some extra space, but it hasn't happened yet. I had such weird dreams last night - like the parts of years and scenes and situations cross-cut with the wrong ones at all angles. Ugh. Please help us to sleep well and wake up refreshed tomorrow. I lay down and sleep - I awake, for You sustain me.

Thank you for Bible study this morning - a time to read Isaiah 48 and consider what You have done and what You said to Your people at this time. You hold all things together and You are God. Help us to acknowledge You, serve You, and love You.

Father, please help me to recover and to be able to focus on broader things again. Because I've been hyper-focused lately.

Thank You for these fun Star Wars costumes. I really like being able to become a character from the movies :) It's been fun writing about different scenes and exploring them from different points of view - that of navy troopers and crewmen. Please refresh me and help me to live with others increasingly more in mind.

Please guide me and help me to reflect Your light, resonate Your words, and carry Your fragrance among the world around me. Please help me to be able to focus my attention and to desire to spend time with You and to spend time in Your house speaking with You. Thank You for listening and for not giving up on me.

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Tags: bible study, colossians, isaiah, malachi, prayer, psalms, star wars, zephaniah

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