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Bird Watching

The neighborhood has been active with birds this past week :) The robins have come and are wandering around the yard looking for bugs. The turtledoves are sitting out on the power lines again. The starlings are back. They're not the prettiest birds, but when they fly, their wings splay to display their feathers in a really neat way. There have been a lot of seagulls soaring high above the house and sitting out on the river. And last week we saw the migration of the snow geese. Hundreds of them were flying in formations, beating their broad wings against the sky as they traveled north. They were beautiful.

The other morning, a male cardinal was sitting in the bush outside the kitchen window chirping. He was bright red and very pretty. My favorite bird so far has been one that I don't know the name of. I saw him out back, too, but he was scavenging around the ground. He was a little bigger than a sparrow and was a smooth brownish-grey color with small black eyes. It was a very pretty bird. I want to figure out what kind it is someday... And of course, there are the sparrows, which hop about very lightly and dart away in a breath.

With all these different types of birds around, I'm getting excited about drawing again :)
Tags: animals, creation, drawing, seasons

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