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Wintery Saturday

Today, my parents and I went to Texas Roadhouse for lunch and then out shopping. We had fun :) I got country fried chicken, caesar salad, and corn - yummy! I also got some birthday cards, gifts, and supplies.

After we got home, I chatted with Nathan a little and he helped me identify the birds I was watching this past week :) Then, I spent a little while poking around the Star Wars Imperial Officer Corps forum, asking questions and answering other questions. For dinner, I had a grilled cheese and we watched some of the Columbo marathon.

Now Mom is reading and Dad is working on his sermon, drinking tea. I'm listening to the sermon from last week, which I missed. From Luke chapter 3, I'm learning how important it is to recognize that Jesus is a historic person in the midst of history - Luke records Jesus' genealogy taking us back to Adam and also records the names of the political leaders at the time. When the passage was read, I was also wondering - what does it mean that John was sent to prepare the way for Jesus to arrive? And now Dad is answering my question :D
Tags: bible study, family, food, history, luke

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