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Schema are our friends

I am studying my art notes and thinking about perception and experience.

We are studying the Gestalt theory as well as the theory of the innocent eye - that is, the visual information we absorb without the mind's interference. This is important, since our mind "always" runs interference ->thus meaning that there is no such thing as the innocent eye except maybe for a camera or data which shows things "as is".
Thinking on this I decided that our schema and mental interference with life is what makes life life^^ We constantly experience life in a series of neverending intakes of senses and our reactions to them. We turn those occurrences into feelings and experiences and everyday is a new combination! ^_^ That's why life is so amazing. The interweaving of body mind and soul is so complex and delicate and it results can be so beautiful!

And I know that's been said before - but when you really see how it is true, it is kinda profound ^^ I love life ^___^ It is so colorful and there will never be an end to things like art and wisdom ^.^

And not only is life so rich and deep, it is also surprising^^ The unknown can be scary, too; but it can also be seen as a plain white pallet with which to start a new artwork^^ Such oppourtunity and hope and dreams!! How could we ever have dreams if we knew what we were destined to? Wouldn't that make life even more depressing?

Ok, back to studying! :)
Tags: art, color, life, wisdom

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