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I got caught up in a little adventure today. There was a small, fluffy bird in the driveway when I pulled in today. He didn't fly away when I parked, so that told me something was wrong. After I got my stuff out of the car, I went over to see. A fledgling house sparrow was there, looking very rough. He was holding one wing loose as if it were broken, had scabs around his beak, and his head looked open and sore. He was getting bothered by insects. I swatted those away and hurried to take my things inside.

I knew that the best course of action would be to wait and see if the parents were taking care of it. I also knew that injured finches need protection and warmth first and foremost. It was warm and I was trying to keep the bugs away while also keeping my distance so the parents would feel free to come help. Finches also need water, so I got a paper plate and put water out for him. (I read later that fledglings don't need water while they are small and their parents are feeding them - oh! So I took the water plate away.)

After this, I was talking to the neighbor and heard/saw that the parent sparrows were checking in on the injured fledgling, who was now chirping and hopping around a little. I suspect this is one that has been living in the power line cable container. I've heard them chirping in the evenings and watched as the parents bring food and chirp. My guess is that this fledgling fell out of the nest and hopped his way to our porch. Since his parents were close by and hadn't abandoned him, I went inside and checked the weather forecast. Some storms were moving through, but baby sparrow hopped under my car.

While eating dinner and listening out the window, I was wondering...why am I trying to help a sparrow when just last week I was planning to kill one because he was fighting off the bluebirds. (House sparrows are not protected because they're not native and are actually an invasive species.) But I couldn't help but feel bad for the little sparrow. Discounting his injuries, his feathers were very pretty. I hope he'll survive the night and recover. He can stay under my car, if he'll be safe there, though the bush might be better. All the birds are in bed for the night, so I'll check on them in the morning.

Oh, and even though I didn't touch him, I still washed my hands many, many times...just in case. I didn't actually get around to taking any bird photos today.

"...the creation itself also will be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. For we know that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs together until now..." Romans 8:20-22
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