Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

Day inside

It rained throughout the day today. It started as a very gentle rain, but became pretty heavy during the afternoon. I had a quiet day in today. Read some Scripture, watched the birds play, drew a few pictures, took a nap. The grey clouds continued to roll through this evening, but we've had a break in the rain.

ki-ki-ki says the robin as he flies somewhere in the yard.

I was supposed to go trooping in Williamsport with the 501st today, but the event was rained out. I did wake up with a weird dream about it, though. Dreampt that I was there in my IN uniform, but that we had to go up to bat. I went up, but got HBP (hit by pitch) right in the helmet. I took a few steps, made some strange motions, and then fell down. The next thing I knew, news about it and a video was on Facebook and people were posting concerned messages. Meanwhile, I was waiting to go to the ER and the Imperial Officer Corps Detachment Leader had given me a brace to protect my head until it was treated. What a dream!

Been feeling exhausted and concerned this weekend, so I was rather relieved that the game was postponed, even though rescheduling will be inconvenient and we'll miss the fireworks. Need more time to spend apart from other things where I can seek the Lord.

In birding news, the sparrows in the power line cylinder were out today and on our porch. They're adorable - fluffy but also looking clean and tidy. In the backyard, there was a group of three or more finches, possibly young ones, that were flitting about from tree to tree. They're also adorable - I love their color patterns in brown and light brown. Been using Twitter as my medium of choice to share bird photos and see other #birding pics. Contemplated starting a live journal photo blog series - a post per day - with weather and bird pics, but was too tired to do that tonight. Instead, I wrote this post :)
Tags: 501st, creation, dreams, weather, weekend

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