Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

Pokemon TCG Card Trades

Wynaut Trades Banner - made by jehoshabeath and agui_chan

Welcome to my TCG trades post!

I live in Pennsylvania, USA.
My feedback:

Condition: These cards were taken out of the package and handled, but I've never played the game with them.

Availability: If I've already traded a card, I'll cross out its name below the photo.


Tangela (Legendary Treasures)
Noibat (BREAKthrough)
Noibat (BREAKthrough)
Gabite (Legendary Treasures?)
Ursaring (BREAKthrough)
Lillipup (XY)


Binacle (Flashfire)
Gliscor (Phantom Forces)
Fennekin (BREAKthrough)
Seaking (BREAKthrough)
Dedenne (BREAKthrough)


Gastly (BREAKthrough?)
Haunter (BREAKthrough)
Espurr (Flashfire)
Dusclops (Flashfire)


Stunky (Flashfire)
Sableye (XY?)
Xerosic (Phantom Forces)
Giovanni's Scheme (BREAKthrough)


Double Crisis Team Aqua’s Sealeo
Double Crisis Team Aqua’s Poochyena
Double Crisis Team Aqua’s Seviper
Double Crisis Team Aqua’s Secret Base
Double Crisis Team Aqua’s Team Magma Admin
Double Crisis Team Aqua’s Team Magma’s Great Ball

I would like cards featuring these Pokemon/characters:
Grass types from the lines of Treecko, Snivy, Chespin
Pokemon birds
Double Crisis Team Magma's Lairon

Also, if you're selling a Maxie's Hidden Ball Trick full-art card, I'd be interested in buying one :)

PS: A big thanks to agui_chan for making my Wynaut banner ^_^
Tags: pokemon, trades

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