Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

Wynaut Collection - Plush and Figures

It's been about a year since I posted a collection update, so I think it's time to share a view of my Wynaut collection :)


I have seven Wynaut plushies. The first two that I got were UFO plush when I joined the community in January 2014.

My first Wynaut - a UFO plushA reversable Wynaut/Pokeball plush

My favorite plush, though, is the My Pokemon Collection (MPC) Wynaut that caffein won for me from the UFO catcher machine :)

A June monthly Pikachu with a teru teru bozu WynautMPC Wynaut plush <3

In addition to plush, I have a lot of figures. I've been collecting these here and there for the past two years. Here's a breakdown by type:

Zukan Wobbuffet/Wynaut setTomy figure (someday I hope to get one in mint condition)Custom Wynaut keychain made by anaildapinto

Small bell charmSuction cup figureBig figure

Tiny figurePokedex figureKid figure

European candy figureChocoball figureBobble head

There are also two mysterious colorful, clear Wynaut figures. I'm still not sure of their origin.

clearwynauts copy

Here's a photo of the Wynaut cave (er, I mean, shelf).


I hope you all enjoyed seeing the Wynaut plush and figures :) I'll end with a cute drawing that I received recently from opalgaze :) Happy New Year, pkmncollectors!

Tags: collection, wynaut

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