Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

Recent Pokemon Musings

-Should I work on raising my Buizel's defensive stats or just accept the fact that her defense is poor and focus on Speed?

-Why are Dusk Stones so hard to find in ORAS? :P

-Pansear is adorable ^^

-I never gave Xerneas a nickname? :O

-Murkrow wants to join Maxie's team. :3 I wonder if I'll ever be able to battle him again, now that I have Groudon (nicknamed Metropolis, hehe)?

-My new secret base is in the cave on Dewford Island, the one with the ancient murals. My base in Alpha Sapphire is on the way to Lilycove near a pool that reflects the night sky :)

-I've still never played any games from Gen 4 back. I wonder if they'll do remakes of any of them besides ORAS?

Ah, lunch break's over already? D:


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