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Pokemon Breeding

Recently, I've been experimenting with Pokemon breeding and raising. For a while, I raised Pokemon with move-sets that took advantage of their strengths, because I tend to use a 1-hit KO strategy. (In other words, attack first and knock the opponent out before they have a chance to smash me.) But when I did that, I found that I was assigning moves to my Pokemon that weren't necessarily my favorites. So, I've been visiting the move deleter-reminder house quite often to reassign some of my favorite moves to my favorite Pokemon - like Xerneas' Geomancy, which is a beautiful status move that inflicts no damage, but is like a rainbow of gemstone light that gives the legendary deer enhanced strength and defense.

This led me to wonder what kinds of interesting moves other Pokemon could learn. I've been experimenting mostly with Murkrow and Mismagius.

Spr_5b_198_m.png Murkrow is a dark flying Pokemon. He's a crow :) You can find them in hoards in Pokemon X/Y, reflecting the social nature of real crows. Most of Murkrow's moves are from a standing position - he doesn't fly much. But I found that I could breed them to use the move Brave Bird, where they take flight and do a daring dive to attack the enemy. It's a beautiful move.

Spr_4h_198_f.png I also took Murkrow to the Move Tutor in ORAS to teach him Icy Wind. I like Ice-type moves, but don't usually have an Ice-type in my party. This move proved to be extraordinarily helpful when battling the Elite Four and the Champion. My murkrow's two other moves are ones that are learned simply by leveling up - Night Shade and Foul Play. Night Shade's power depends on the Pokemon's level, so this becomes quite a powerful move as Mildred the Murkrow grew to level 70+. Foul Play is a move that uses the opponent's power against itself, so it is also quite strong when battling powerful opponents. Murkrow is a funny little crow, so I affectionately refer to my plush version as "Little Crow" :)

Spr_5b_429.png Mismagius is the other Pokemon that I've been experimenting with recently. She's an all-purple pokemon with a robe/dress and big hat. Mismagius is interesting in that she does not learn any moves once she is evolved. So, if you want to give her any moves, you either need to breed them, teach her younger form, or adjust the moves that get set when she is at level 1. I've given my Mismagius' various names: Amethyst, Vesper, Salutations, and Misericordia (Latin for "mercy").

I found that Mismagius has two main animations - one where she spins through the air in a circle and the other where she just kind of rattles a bit to indicate movement. I love her circular spin, so I was focusing on moves that emphasized this movement. She can be taught the move Return, which nearly all Pokemon can learn. It's a simple attack where the Pokemon fights and then returns to you. The strength of the attack depends on how long you've raised that particular Pokemon. When I tell Mismagius to Return, a bell chimes and she spins and attacks the opposing Pokemon with quite a hit. She can also learn a Grass-type move where she sends colorful leaves across the screen. I completed her move set with one purple and one pink move, making a colorful set of options. It proved to be pretty effective. She also helped me beat the Elite Four last night!

I'm looking forward to the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon later this year so I can prepare a team of my favorite Pokemon for the journey. It's really fun to finally be settling on some of my favorites. Others being legendary Xerneas, sweet Victini, Leafeon, and Flareon.
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