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Trip to Bellevue, WA

This past week I traveled to Bellevue, WA to attend the Microsoft Data Insights Summit.

We saw demonstrations of using tools to create reports and visualizations and discussed other issues, strategies, future software plans, and got tips from colleagues in various industries.

Treecko the Pokemon kept me company on the trip and guarded my room while I was in sessions :)

I didn't have time to visit downtown Seattle, but on Tuesday evening we were invited to the 28th floor Microsoft Suite to see the skyline from Bellevue. It was a beautiful site!

Treecko thought the food throughout the trip was pretty good. He even got to eat at Max & Erma's - a restaurant that we knew from Ohio!

It was a helpful experience, but I was glad when I got to return home. On the flight back, we saw beautiful mountains.

On the connection from Philly to Harrisburg we even got to ride on a propeller plane. That was great :D We came in right around sunset...ah, what a beautiful sight! <3

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