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The Real Life of Christmas Break

Ok, now the look at the actual colors of this vacation etcetc.
Aka, how it feels to be me over this break!!

Ok, first of all, I am like the huge LOTR fan I was when I was in Fiftth or Sixth (?) Grade. I was thinking last night of how I have progressed thorugh obsession, but the whole time have found Middle Earth to be like a Second Home to me. I was raised with it by one who loved it. I had it and the Silmarillion fully read to me. Read to me. Then I read them on my own. The hearing was back in the early 1990's and the Chapter of Mt. Doom was reached when we were thosands of feet above ground in an airplane. Beautiful. Perfect. And I loved the woundings then. I can see how the Sillmarillion effected my writing of Aestalia and such. The Valar and Maiar are so alike to the Elves and my Aestalians. My love for wisdom and purity and beauty...for winds and freedom and idealsims.. Warning - *Rants for a bit*:[Then moving into a thrist for violence and injury as I worked my way into the Aestalian wars, Magellan, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Titanic, and even a bit of Oswald. I still don't see how my art teacher never picked up on it. Ah well. That's what I was thinking about last night. I am in constant struggle with myself - the ideals of being fair and great like Elves or that my ancestors were kings tied together with a keen sense of hate for imperfections in people including most importantly myself, and how I hate myself so much.] Not that that explains much, but it is an observation that I would tell a psychiatrist if ever I saw one, I guess.

OK! Ranting is finished!
You can come back now!!(Onto more good stuff)
I slept on it, and now I am moving onto the regular chuck of time in vacation - the Day: from about 10:30am-11pm. I watch Matt play Halo, play along with him, beg him to play Two Towers or to watch LOTR. Meanwhile, I am listening to my LOTR Soundtrack from Two Towers, the Pop style music from Nichole's party, Sylvia's rock mix, and even Linkin Park all while I draw draw and draw more. I am in a big LOTR phase and am drawing nothing but LOTR (mainly Frodo, but some Galadriel and Sam). To amuse my Dad, I drew Sam, but he seemed idifferent. So I drew captions. Then I drew Frodo smuggling armfuls of 'shrooms wish a blushed face. Dad smiled. Then I drew more Sam - both cheery gardener and heroic ringbearer. He seemed not extremely interested. So I drew Galadriel standing efore her Mirror ticked - cause some elf child left his toy boat in it! ^^ I would love to somehow get these linked to my entry, but I have to figure out how to do that. I draw lots of Frodo. I did two semi nice pages from the Weathertop scene manga style. I was not impressed by my skill, but they did turn out eh maa maa desu nee.

So, I draw, play video games, watch video games, I started reading the Sillmarillion yesterday and I got what I call my Middle Earth shirt. It's a red shirt with a hood of fabric like you'd find in LOTR the movie at least. I also got a picture book of Two Towers - wheehee! It cam with stickers even!! Yay! I am still waiting to hear if Fl got my Money Order....I want my little Frodo (I draw me and him - the plushie - too!)

Matt also got the Hobbit Game and it was A BLAST! The best were the Adventure Cards that had you recit a peice of poetry from the Hobbit. None of us got a single one! I got the ring-winner-wearer-bearer-and-barrel-rider which happens to be the easiest one of all! Matt got the chiptheglasses-cracktheplates one and Matt had to read Dad the now infamous Black-crack verse!! Matt promised to memorize it by next game to be all ready!! How does it go..Slap smack the black crack . . . .etc. It isn't funny explaining it, but for some odd reason we were laughing so hard I feel on the floor!! (Probably also due to excessive fudge, peppermint, chocolate, skittles, soda, and other X-Mas goodies :P )

One other crazy account: Before Christmas, we were playing RF2 Capture the Flag and I am telling you - we were getting out butts whooped. It was horrible!! We had a 3 v. 3 game with a bot on our side on hard, and we nearly lost - by like 10 pts!!!! Man! It was like: What is Wrong with us!???? Uhhhgg. We haven't played it since he got Halo. I like the Covenant in that game. They are cool beans aliens. Not like the nasty Flood dudes who have jumping peas/inky-octopus heads bouncing around and partially decomposing mutants flying through the air.. o.O

So that is my lazy existance. It is wonderful - I wish it would not end ever. I am avoiding the topic and fact of both school and driving. I am blocking them from my mind. So All I know is fun and slow-paced life. I love it. One last thing - I constantly do one thing, and that is: pester my brother with LOTR and Frodo-plushie goodness!! ALWAYS! He must be so ticked off at it, but it is so fun. I love my brother - he is a great kid, even though he massacres me in video games!! ^^
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