Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

Every Side of Me / Tweedia

The ending song of the Hoopa movie in the English dub is really sweet.

"You know every side of me / all the hidden places I can't see / that tear us apart / or bring us together / you know every side of me / all the different faces that compete to share your heart / make my wish come true / to be home at last"

I listened to the original ending song in Japanese tonight and love it, too! Tweedia (lyrics)

"ありがとう、隣にいてくれて / それだけで輝くよ"
Thank you for being by my side / Just because of that, I can shine all the more

"ありがとう、笑顔でいてくれて / それだけで輝くの ナミダも"
Thank you for smiling by my side / Just because of that, these tears are also sparkling
Tags: music

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