Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,


Listening to some beautiful music while working today. It's an album called Cartographer that was arranged by two brothers - one of whom was fascinated by archaeology and the other by the musical arts. Based on an ancient map which was discovered in 1929, they imagine a people, language, and culture who could have charted such a map. It's an especially curious artifact because it charts land forms around Antarctica that have been covered by ice for thousands of years. Here's one of my favorite songs, called Oraanu. (You'll have to skip a few songs in the player to reach it, but it's worth it.)

"Induræ Cum ira
Si onata sine lacrima
Samaphe oraanu omni ana me
Exul illumatene sacra særtam ame

Novira gæntima si novare en tameacenda
Novira gæntima si novare en tame acenda era"

Tags: art, history, music

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