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Getting things done..slowly

I am peaicemeal getting through this day. I am taking it one step at a time, though.
I got my Art Test done and next is to finish and hand in my History paper followed by a Japanese test I need to look over vocab for...
But I have lots of good things which have been happening!
I got my outline back from art and my prof loved it :3 I still need a lot of work, but I am relieved!
I get to go home and see my brtoher and parents and grandparents again XD I love you guys! And I especially miss picking on my brother ^-^ He needs being harassed by his older sis ^_~ And my gram and pap rock^^ They are just cool people :D And of course I luv my mom n dad, too^^ I am gonna show them all the new manga I got :3 buahaha!
There are so many wonderful things to look forward to: my mom is gonna cook all kinds of food and I get to sleep in! Then, I get a haircut at some point, we get to go to the Chinese restaurant and also Friendlies to meet up with a friend of my mom's^^ Also, many video games will be played (mainly Red Faction and Halo and Zelda whenever I can squeeze that in^^) I wanna draw a lot and do a bit of homework mebbes and make my obi! Wow there are so many good things to look forward to!!!! ^_________^ een the car ride home will be fun XD I love car rides...I still do most of my daydreaming/thinking/raving to mom and dad when in the car! lol

I am so happy \^_^/

I love having things to look forward to XD And I am just so genki right now that it's borderline the "Hina-chan" complex :3
Tags: childlike, family, joy

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