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Spring Break Begins


Well, I am home for the Spring Break - which explains why I have been absent from AIM..

So far I have:
Gotten a lot of sleep, showed mom my new manga :3, watched a romance movie with mom, watched Indiana Jones with dad, and watched Iron Chef with everybody ^_^ I also dug out Roman - my tan teddy bear in honor of my Suki dakara Suki books^^ And I went looking through my Japanese Print book for a pic to use for my Art Project.

And teh uber news!! UBER!!
I found a scan from the Gouhou Drug/Suki crossover XDXD I am thrilled :3

Right now Matt is working on beating the MGS VR Missions (sneaking). He just got 100% of the game completed this afternnon! w00t! Now that he has 100% he is trying to get the best times for everything so he can unlock the photoshoot with Mei Ling ^^ teehee

Tonight we are visiting my grandparents and tomorrow we are going out of town, so I won't be around much... I hope everyone is having a good week and I will talk to you all later! *Megan waves*

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