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My latest Pokemon of interest is Furfrou, a white dog Pokemon. I caught one the other night and named it Fluffy :)


I also had to root around my room to find the fluffy stuffed dog that I got at Sight and Sound a few years ago when we went to see Noah. We traveled from PA to DC and back to PA together :)

doggieAndMe copy.jpg

Today during a break, I decided to poke around online to see what I could learn about dogs like this one in real life. I stumbled on a quiz about whether you and a certain breed match well, so I decided to take a quiz that would recommend which type of dog would suit me. (I don't want a pet right now and I couldn't have one anyway, but I wanted to take the quiz just because I was bored with data QC.)

One of the top matches was a breed called a Rhodesian Ridgeback. I'd never heard of it before, but I thought it was a handsome dog, so I decided to read more. A few words started looking familiar... Africa... Boer... Hottentots... Ndebele... Bulawayo... bushveldt... Matabeleland...

Wow! This breed was developed in Zimbabwe for hunting - the same region that I've been reading about in the book by Frederick Selous: A Hunter's Wanderings in Africa! I last left Mr. Selous around Victoria Falls in the 1870's. Reading about this breed of dogs was like stepping into a happy, nostalgic place. I'd like to meet a Rhodesian Ridgeback someday. (The word Rhodesia is a place name, correlating to the country of Zimbabwe.) In the meantime, I will feed Fluffy pokepuffs and snuggle the stuffed one ^_^
Tags: animals, books, pokemon

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