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Work pace and recovery time

Was reading an EDUCAUSE article about stress in the workplace, in particular the stress that leaders feel. I'm not a supervisor, but I can relate to the stress that comes from working in "conditions of constant uncertainty." I found this line interesting: "Boyatzis and McKee point out that it's not stress per se, but too little recovery time that is the real culprit."

I feel like that's something I need to address. After work, it seems that there just isn't enough time to fully recover before the next day starts all over. I feel like I'm behind and can't catch up. The trouble is that it takes me quite a long time to relax and recover, but the evenings aren't long enough. I've considered trying to ease my pace of working, but I seem to only have two work speeds - on and off. If I'm working, I'm concentrating and putting forth a lot of effort. When I'm resting, I'm doing something totally different - like looking at artwork or checking the news. So I'm not really sure what to do. I'm still trying to figure it out.
Tags: anxiety, daily, dread, questions, weary, work

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