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Family Things

Well, spring break has been kinda rough so far...I don't have much homework and I haven't started any yet 0:) But my greatgrandmother has taken ill and may not last much longer. My mother is really in a sticky situation cause she wants to be there (in Gettysburg) but the drive is long and we are in the middle of a snowstorm! O.o In fact, with thesnowand the smell of ham, it feels like X-Mas! I don't know what the latest plan is but we must also take into account that my brother is feeling kinda sick, too >.O So everyone is fighting their battles and I am kinda just going along with the flow. yesterday we spent the day in Hershey/Gettysburg so I haven't had a lot of time to chill here at home! O.o Ah well, I just hope everything is ok with my family <:( Right now I have a free moment. I got my hair cut and my back put into place, so I am set. I plan to do some drawing next. I don't think I will get much cosplay work done with my mom under all this stress..Other than that I have just been enjoying the time I can spend here at home^^ My bed is all cozy and I get to see all my stuffed animals: Ned my narwhal, Roman my teddy bear, the swordfish, Inky the octopus,..but precious the bunny is hiding somewhere..hmmahh..^.^ I guess we are supposed to be getting cable internet tomorrow - that's kinda exciting^^ Also, I have been drinking a lot of black tea and it is sooo good! I am definately eating well :D XD I suppose that's enough of an update. I hope everyone is doing well - sorry I haven't been around! But with this kinda stressful family situation right now..well yeah...:\ I'll look forward to talking with you all later - maybe this weekend when I return to campus - till then - jya! PS-the icon is from the gouhou drug-suki crossover XDXD Aren't Hina-chan and Asou-sensei *STILL* cute even after 5 years following when Suki took place XD
Tags: death, family

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