Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

Pokemon Sites and Species

Here are a few of my favorite Pokemon species and the sites where they can be found.

Laverne City. (music) It's the pink and purple, autumn fairy-themed city in Kalos, north of the swampy route 14 and west of the fields of route 15. There, you can find a clothing store with just my style of clothes - like violet 3/4-length sleeve tops. There's a quiet cafe on the hill north of the gym that I like to visit. Around town, you can find a leaf stone, dusk stone, mushrooms, and poke doll toy. There's also a pond in the middle of town. I imagine meeting a murkrow just outside of town - you can find them in the tall corn-grass. They appear in groups, just like the real birds. I once got lost in a cornfield and it was a pretty scary experience. Perhaps murkrow would help show me the way out? :)

Meteor Falls. (music) It's a cavern in Hoenn just south of Fallarbor Town. Waterfalls cut through the cave and there are a number of lakes and rippling clear currents over the stone. Outside, there are craters from meteors. There are a variety of stones in the area: meteorite and comet shards, moon stones, fire stones, stardust and star pieces, pearls, and other gems. Inside the cave, there are wild Solrock and Lunatone. In the grass outside the cavern, you can sometimes find Misdreavus. I caught one and it battles beside me as a special attack Pokemon. She knows grass, fire, and other colorful moves. She's a quiet, but powerful companion.

Ambrette Town. (music) It's a town by the sea where you can find the Fossil Research Lab and Ambrette Aquarium. There's a bench where you can sit and watch the western sea. To the east, there's a path that leads toward a fossil-filled cave. It's called Glittering Cave because of the glittering stones inside. I found a researcher there who gave me a fossil of Tyrunt, the T-Rex pokemon. He looks intimidating, but is really quite sweet ^_^ He likes playing games and having his neck ruffle brushed, hehe. The gym leader in the next town over and the Kalos champion both have this pokemon. I'm looking forward to training and raising mine to grow into a Tyrantrum.
Tags: music, pokemon, pokemon places

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