Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

June 13th Dreams

Had a weird series of dreams last night. I was working on a research project in a room where others were working on their own IT projects. After a while, they wanted to see what I had and one of the girls there turned my research pages into music. She played them on the piano. After a few pages, she ran out of material, so I told her to play the Maple Rag.

Afterwards, we took a walk outside. It was winter and the road went over an icy river. The local car dealers had run out of room to display their cars, so some were using the half-frozen river as display space. The only problem was that some cars broke through the ice and sank. They took a risk, I guess.

We walked from the road over to a room (I don't remember it having walls - it was in the middle of the river, but was decorated like an actual vintage room and had a real floor. ? It's a dream, right...) After viewing the room for a while, we decided to head back to the road and leave. My acquaintance, the piano-player took a few light steps over the ice and arrived safely on the road. I took about two cautious steps and then my foot sank down into the river. I only fell about halfway through the ice and then caught myself. It was terribly cold. I knew that I only had a few moments to get out, but I was also cold and in the water. I had to get out - but I couldn't. I was so weak. I tried to reach toward safety, but I was too far into the water to pull myself out. I was stuck. Thankfully, but my acquaintance and two other fellows who were walking along the road pulled me out. I was still cold, but at least I was out of the river. We caught sight of a large bird flying overhead and that's about the time my alarm went off.

Being on call this past week was not fun :(
Tags: dreams

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