Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

Furfrou Locations

Throughout Pokemon X and Y, there are places where you can find Furfrou apart from the grass where you can catch them. Some of these Furfrou belong to other trainers and some are walking about on their own. I was curious to see where all you can find them, so I found a list online and then took a spin around Kalos to snap their photos. Here's what I found. (By the way, I'm the trainer dressed in white and grey^^)

In a house in Coumarine City and the Pokemon fan club in Laverre City.
furfrou10-coumarine.jpg furfrou11-laverre.jpg

In the Pokemon Village field and walking on South Boulevard in Lumiose City.
furfrou9.jpg furfrou1.jpg

In Friseur Furfrou, the grooming shop, and next door in Cafe Woof.
furfrou2.jpg furfrou3-woof.jpg

In Cafe Cyclone on Vernal Avenue and Cafe Kizuna on Hibernal Avenue.
furfrou4-cyclone.jpg furfrou5-kitzune.jpg

In Lumiose Hotel Richissime and the passageway from Lumiose city to Route 13.
furfrou6.jpg furfrou7.jpg

In the hotels at Ambrette Town and Cyllage City.
furfrou12-ambrette.jpg furfrou14-cyllage.jpg

In Geosenge Town Hotel and the passageways between Couriway town and Route 19.
furfrou13-geosenge.jpg furfrou8-couriway.jpg
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