Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

Pokemon Sites and Species II

Lumiose City. (music) The capital city of Kalos, also called the city of light. The city is laid out in a circle with streets radiating from the center. There are cafes sprinked throughout town, along with a stone shop, Pokeball shop, museum, boutique, and more. In the grass just west of town, you can find wild Furfrou. There are also some in the city and a groomer called Friseur Frofrou who will groom Furfrou in many different styles. My favorite is Kabuki style. I'm training one now and it's a very strong member of my team. Furfrou's fur makes him especially resilient against attack and he seems to have a calm and trustworthy personality. According to the Pokedex, Furfrou had been the guardians of kings in the past. I can image sitting at one of the cafe tables talking with Nathan, having a latte and biscuit, with Furfrou sitting on the cobblestones watching the people go by.
Tags: pokemon, pokemon places

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