Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,


I'm drafting a Pokedex like index of my favorite local birds (in progress) :)

Location: Central Pennsylvania

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves

Charadriiformes - shorebirds and gulls

Killdeer - height 9.5 in, wingspan 18.5 in, weight 3.5 oz, eggs buff-colored w/ brown-black
Inland shorebird, plays dead to protect its young, lives on farms in open fields.

Woodcock - height 11 in, wingspan 17 in, weight 6 oz, eggs grey-orange w/blue-grey splotches
Quiet, makes peent sound, uses its beak to dig up worms to eat, lives in the young woods, dances.

Passeriformes - perching birds

Song Sparrow - height 5 in, wingspan 8 in, weight 1 oz, eggs blue spotted with brown or lilac
Sings a pretty song, friendly, lives in the swampy area.

Tufted Titmouse - height 6 in, wingspan 9 in, weight .8 oz, eggs cream w/ chestnut red or lilac spots
Chirps like mice, perches high in the forest canopy in the light, hang out in groups.

Catbird - height 9 in, wingspan 10 in, weight 1.5 oz, eggs turquoise
Mimicing bird who loves to sing, its call sounds like a cat, lives in the shady shrubs.

Robin - height 10 in, wingspan 14 in, weight 3 oz, eggs sky blue
Thrush who stands then bounds off hopping, eats worms, lives in neighborhood yards.

Grackle - height 12 in, wingspan 16 in, weight 4 oz, eggs light blue with brown spots
Iridescent bird who struts and forages across neighborhood lawns. Voracious eaters, but shy.

Crow - height 18 in, wingspan 36 in, weight 16 oz, eggs pale blue-green w/ splotched end
Large black-colored birds. They eat whatever and are very social, calling and talking together.

Piciformes - woodpeckers

Northern Flicker - height 12 in, wingspan 18 in, weight 5 oz, eggs all white
Beautifully colored woodpecker with golden or red wings, depending on the location. Nests in tree cavities but forages on the ground for bugs and eats fruit.
Tags: birds

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