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This week, I've had time to enter some logs into e-bird. (It's a site where you can enter bird-watching checklists and the data is used to research bird populations.) Now, e-bird allows us to enter photographs, too! I included logs and photos from this year's trips to the Montour Preserve:

April visit with Nathan:
June visit with Dad and Mom:

I also updated my e-bird app so I can enter bird counts more easily, especially on lunch walks into town. They say that typical, common bird counting is important. So this week I tallied up counts of robins, sparrows, swifts, crows, and catbirds. :) I still can't always identify them if they fly overhead in a rush, but it's been fun to look back over past counts and photos. They may not be able to befriend me like in Pokemon games, but maybe one day the animals will again be our friends - after sin and death have been destroyed. I'm hoping for that :) Maybe I can serve the Lord in his kingdom as a bird-caregiver? Or maybe we'll eat from the fruit trees together by the river. Anyway, for now I can still watch for them, classify them, and feed them ^_^
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