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Date at PNC Park, 6/25/2016

I'm excited for this coming weekend. We'll get to see my brother, sister-in-law, Nathan, and his brother, too! I'm behind in my family postings, but want to start catching up :)

On June 25, Nathan took me on a date to PNC Park! It was a dream come true ^_^


I took off work on Friday and drove out to Greensburg to meet Nathan and his grandparents. They shared their home with me for the weekend and made me feel very welcome. We enjoyed chatting and catching up on news and stories from the past few months. We also watched kittens play on their porch that evening :3

The next day, we watched an Avengers movie called Iron Man. It was the first of the series that I had ever seen. It was really action-packed! I haven't seen any movies that exciting in a while, hehe. The characters and stories were not the typical variety, so it was interesting to see their experiences and engage in their struggles. I liked the Iron Man suit and how the design was modified over time. The ending was pretty funny, too! I'm curious to see what the other movies in the series are like. Nathan gave me an introduction to some of the other characters in the Avengers series, too, in the Lego video game that I had gotten him for his birthday. I really liked Cloud 9, hehe :3 I want to fly around on a cloud and blast gaseous clouds at people XD


Later that afternoon, Nathan's uncle, aunt, and cousin came to pick us up. They were kind enough to drive us into town to the stadium. I'm so glad that I didn't have to drive :) This was the first time that I had ever visited the city of Pittsburgh, so it was really exciting to see the skyline as we approached! It's a pretty and unique city in the way that it's built between the mountains and three rivers. It seemed like no time before we arrived at the parking lot between the Steelers stadium and PNC Park. It looked so much bigger in person!


We had great seats behind home plate along the third baseline :) Right up close where we could see every ball and strike and cheer loudly, hehe! Nathan bought me a soda in a souvenir cup. Now I have cups from the Washington Capitals, Philadelphia Flyers, and Pittsburgh Pirates! The soda was refreshing as we enjoyed the game. We were just in time to hear the National Anthem and get our seats.


This evening's lineup! The LA Dodgers were visiting.

Pirates_Players.jpg Pirates_AwayTeam.jpg

The action of the game was great! We saw three canon-balls, I mean, home runs - two from Andrew McCutchen and another from Jordy Mercer - hooray!! They shot off fireworks for each of them. Jeff Locke's pitching was excellent and our fielding was strong. Let's go Bucs :D At the end of the post, I've included our scorebooks so you can follow the game play-by-play.


One highlight of the game was getting to meet the Pirate Parrot. He was just as funny in real life as we've see him on TV :3 Yar, there be pirates!


The pierogie race was also fun. We usually don't get to see that on TV, but we did at the game! I think Chester Cheese won the race that evening. I was too amused by the running pierogies to notice who came in first :P (Who's on first...?)


The evening sky darkened gradually as the skyline lit up in the distance. It was a beautiful view. The people who sat next to us were friendly and talked to us about the game and other things. Everyone around us seemed really into the game, so that made it a lot of fun. Nathan and I got to do a lot of cheering, clapping, jumping up and down, and hugging for all the Pirates scoring and good plays that they made :)

Pirates_Players2.jpg Pirates_Flag.jpg

And in the end...the Pirates won! Thanks to Nathan for all of these photos to remember the day :)

We were all tired by the time we got home, but I was so excited that it was hard to sleep, hehe.

The next morning, Nathan's grandparents took us to church at Middletown United Methodist Church. It was a nice service and everyone we talked to was polite and welcoming. It felt a lot like my home church. We went out to eat after that and shared all of our stories from the game the night before. :D

That afternoon, I had to make the trip back to central PA. Nathan's grandparents graciously showed me how to weave my way back out of Greensburg and got me safely on my way home. I hit traffic on the way home, but otherwise, the travel went smoothly. It was a wonderful weekend and I felt very blessed by all we did and saw and shared together. Thanks to Nathan and his family for this special time and the opportunity to enjoy a game together at PNC Park :)

Nathan's scorebook:

NMK_scorebook_1.jpg NMK_Scorebook_2.jpg



Megan's scorebook:
MLM_Scorebook_1.jpg MLM_Scorebook_2.jpg

Until next time... :)
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