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Life is fun^^

You know how in Suki, Hina-chan rushes outside with her stuffed bear tied on her back?
Well, I was feeling genki and I had the house to myself...and after reading Suki for three hours while listening to techno - it makes a person do funny stuff :p So my teddy is sitting on my back ^.^

Do I have to return to college? ~_~ blahh Vacation is too much fun^_^ I wake up and read manga, read manga all afternoon, and read it before I go to bed^^

Ahhh life is good! XD

I should work on my DN Angel translations...but I also might be scanning my doujinshi for an online project^^ It all makes me wish I could understand Japanese fluently. (The drawing stuff also makes me wish I were a better artist ><*) ^_^ teehee

Off I go to get food - wheeee!!
Still looking for my Asou-sensei ^_~ I told mom & dad to watch out when I go to Japan cause I might come back with a samurai ^.^ But for now my manga and dj obsessions will satisfy me ^__^


And I got to say - the scene at the end of Suki Book One with Tomo-kun and his "ecchi" novel cracks me up everytime! buahahaa! XD
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