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Life Management

I'm enjoying my new tablet :) Still in the process of streamlining my workflows, though.

Up until now, this is how I've managed things: A paper-bound date book where I recorded each week's activities; sticky notes on the front of that with more immediate to do's; sticky notes on my phone for even more immediate errands; separate full sheet papers planning individual travels or weekend events; email drafts saved in gmail that store notes, questions, and documents; work calendar that marks leave for appointments; family calendar at home; phone app notes for brainstorming birthday gifts; etc. ...that makes my head spin @_@

New plan for planning: Use synced calendar and note apps across devices. Calendar can store event details and help with work leave planning. Note app can store various reminders, reference info like current hours of leave, upcoming doctor's appointments, birthday shopping lists, etc. That way, the calendar and notes will be updated across my phone, computer, and tablet all at the same time.

For journaling, this is what I've done: Take photos with phone, email the photos to myself, save them on the computer, resize them, and then drafted the post; if posting to Twitter, I've posted them directly from the phone. New plan is to use the livejournal app for photo posting and allow lj to resize the photos. It seems to do a decent job. At least the lj photo folders have been working pretty well to sort my albums.

For birding, here's what I have been doing: Taking photos with my camera; upload to phone and/or Canon Image Gateway; from phone, upload to Twitter, livejournal, or ebird logs. I'm still not sure how I want to manage my birding photos. I like the ease of tweeting and sharing with other birders. I also like having a record of my photos stored together with my sighting logs in a research database on ebird. But I have all of my other sharing through livejournal and I like keeping it all together there. Canon Image Gateway is also nice because it preserves the quality of the original photos. So, I'm not sure what I'll do... Maybe I'll do my logging through the ebird app and then just post a link on livejournal to point to the content there. (Speaking of ebird, I have an ebird profile page now - that's cool^^ Not sure how to get a shareable link yet, though.)

It seems that I'll be using my phone for calls, texts, and quick web reference, maps, basic photos, and notes. The tablet will be more for chatting, journaling/tweeting, scheduling, emailing, drawing, etc.

We'll see how that goes :) I need to create some mental space so my brain has time to rest and recover between days. Right now it feels like it's all one big bucket full of water that splashes from day to day.
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