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The snow was falling from the slender bamboo shoots where it was gathering. Keiko stood by the doorway watching it. Yukio was yet asleep. He slept so much recently, as his eyes were still healing and his exhaustion being satiated. He was looking better by the day - so much better than he had when he was released from the hands of those tormentors. Keiko clenched a fist and turned back to the snowy landscape.
Yukio had always been the one to stand by and tell her of the weather as she strummed music on the koto for him. He would always be so touched by the slightest change in the weather - it was the only part of his ordered life that was subject to random change. Even so, his character was not daunted. He would stand by the garden with that cocky smile and bright eyes while he talked of some reflection he had made in his mind. He was such a different person while in court from how he was when he was free from them.
They often snuck off to the local shrine tea house beyond the river. Just to talk or to have tea or sometimes to go moon viewing. What would become of all that now?
His proud nature and pure heart had landed him into this situation and she was bound to follow him. But where would they go if they had no home? And if his sight did not return..

Keiko sank to the tatami and hugged her knees. What have they done to my Yukio-sama? Her heart blazed with anger and her mind was seeping with fear mingled with doubt.
But at least it does not end here..she told herself. At least..there is some time to live out yet..time enough...
Watakushi wa...Watakushi wa Takeshi wa yo dakara! Ima wa - watakushi no namae - Takeshi Keiko. I am bound to his life now; but he is bound what?.. Can such an appreciative and unique person remain after such pain as he has endured..? Is he still Yukio?
She turned back to her betrothed, lying under the sheets, thinly breathing with eyes sheilded by the bandages. Those eyes I loved..those eyes are dead and empty now..what about his soul? Is..

She looked wide eyed at him, tears falling.
His pale lips moved with the controlled deliberateness as was his custom: "Tenki wa..?" [The weather is..?]
"Yuki desu." [It is snowing]
He smiled. "Soo da nee. Jya, yuki wa..yuki wa totemo kirei da yo nee, Keiko-chan?" [Yes,..and the is so clean isn't it?]
He sat up, shivering with weakness. "Keiko? Doushta no?" [What's wrong?]
"Moushiwake gozaimasen..,"she choked through her tears. And to think I had any doubts, she reprimanded herself. To think! He may be hardened, but he is still my Yukio-sama after all of this.

Wheee more manga stuff ^_^ I shall continue with more later but thats the entry for tonight! XD I wish I could make the story into a manga right now ^^
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