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Kuleana's Shop

As I was copying and pasting Excel fields today, I was thinking about what type of character I could have in this new Alola Region of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Here's what I imagined :)

Kuleana lives on Akala Island where she operates a pollen puff aromatherapy and herbal tea shop.

She would need help from a lot of Ribombee to gather the pollen puffs. The little honey-colored bees hum as they buzz about the flowers in the sunshine. Oricorios would tend to the flowers, quietly dancing as they do. Wild fomantis and morelull could be seen darting about the garden. Comfeys would help Kuleana with the oils, enhancing their aroma and potency. A Chansey would use these to make medicinal teas and care for visiting trainers worn out from travel.

While all the Pokemon are busy, Kuleana would prepare the supplements and shop items. She wears comfortable clothes - a white embroidered shirt, grey haori, and pink striped pants like Lurantis. She loves her grey water shoes and always wears a hat, beaded necklace, and two small-stone bracelets.

She also has a Pikipek pet bird named Ikeloea who is curious, cheerful, and friendly. He sits in the trees outside the shop. She also has a pet Furfrou who guards the shop and welcomes guests. Most of them probably enjoy petting his soft fur coat when he greets them at the door.

If you entered the shop, you'd be invited to take off your shoes and step up onto the wooden floor. To the right, it opens up to a view of the oceanside garden. There's a sitting area that looks through screen doors. A small waterfall nearby provides beautiful sound. Chansey would bring you a steaming cup of aromatic tea and invite you to sit, enjoy the quiet, and watch the Primarinas dancing at sea. At night, they sing in the moonlight amidst the glittering bubbles and lavender clouds.

Sometimes, Kuleana journeys around the island to search for Minior shards and scales scattered by Tapu Lele. These are very rare, but when she finds them, she makes special jewelry and medicine from them.

Ribombee Tea - soothing bedtime tea
Cozy Comfey - healing ointment

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