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Aromatherapy Personality

I took an aromatherapy quiz today. Wow, it was right on target! And the most interesting part is that when I first visited the store and sampled all the aromas, cedarwood was the one that I liked the most :)

I wonder which essential oil each of you would match if you took the quiz?

What Are Your Personality Scents In Aromatherapy?

Cedarwood Personality Profile

"You are perfectionist, intensely private, and don't always share your thought and feelings. You like structure and are unsettled by chaos or unplanned events, creative, smart, focus on fantasy more than reality, attracted to sad things, fears doing the wrong thing, observer.

You are a person to have a sense about the future. It is the ability to grasp and get a sense of a pattern or plan. Information that is usually hard to understand and dissect is easily processed through this type of people.

However, you have short attention spans, get bored easily with details or routine tasks and rather self-centered, and may be unaware of how their actions or words affect others.

You can use Cedarwood essential oils (Cedrus Atlantica) for positive attributes: focus, concentration, strength, confidence, balance, stability, comfort, persistence.

And also for counteract these negative attributes: scattered thought, thoughtlessness, emotionally sensitive, worry, too analytical and selfish."

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