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Pokemon Moon - part 1


On Friday, I picked up my copies of Pokemon Sun and Moon. I spent the evening starting Moon :)


The game begins with a series of set up questions and lessons - what is your name? here's how you save, etc. The main character has a pet meowth at home, which is actually very adorable *meow* The local island leader met me in the midst of a little adventure and offered to give me a pokemon to start my journey. Would I choose the little owlet, the fire kitten, or the cute seal?




I chose Popplio! :) One of our first adventures was exploring route 1 to find the professor's office. There, we got the pokedex. Then, we had to go to trainer school, where we battled a few other students and the teacher. After graduating from there, we could venture into the capital city and were free to start the main story.


In the grass around Route 1, I caught a pikipek woodpecker and added him to my team. His fighting move came in very handy against the enemies that I encountered early in the game.


There are some grassy spots in Hau'oli City, too. I caught a dark Meowth outside the Pokemon Center and was rather taken by it :P When he attacks with his claws, he jumps and flails around in a silly, dramatic way. But then he lands and has a chill expression. Meow! Meow^^ :3 I kept him on my team because he is fun to have around.


On Saturday, I set out on a hunt for a Happiny, the little nurse. I learned that they could not be found naturally in the wild, like most other species. They only appear as allies to other wild pokemon. There's a logic for when and how they appear, but only a small percent chance of encountering them. But I really wanted one, so I persevered. After a *long* battle with Pichus, one finally appeared and I captured it :D She must have had an oval stone, because soon after that, she evolved into a Chansey! I'm planning for her and Popplio to be my team mascots \^_^/


In the course of all that hunting, I actually stumbled on a big surprise - a shiny Pichu!?! I've only ever encountered maybe 2 wild shiny pokemon in all my hours of playing. And here was one within the first weekend :O squeeeee! Needless to say, I broke that ally chain to capture the shiny :3


Sunday afternoon, I trained my Chansey from level 6 to 15. While training, we found a Cutiefly and caught it, too :) The cutiefly swings it's little insect feet around when it's flying, heh. They live outside of Verdant Cavern, the site of the first of seven trials. There, we had to face normal-type Pokemon and also fight off some of the bad guys from Team Skull! I'm not sure what they're up to. They periodically harass the citizens and try to bully them into battling, but everyone I've seen so far is like "Oh, yeah, huh, *yawn*" O_o? So I'm not sure what their deal is. They're more amusing than intimidating :P


While Chansey, Popplio, and I continued our way around Melemele Island, we discovered a beautiful yellow meadow at the north end of the island. The music is lovely as flower petals gently float through the air. There's a man there who says something like this: "I'm looking for my girlfriend. She has a tendency to run off when she sees something interesting." hm, oops <.<; While I was there, I caught a yellow Pom Pom Oricorio and nicknamed her Nittany.

Some other reactions:

This game has coffee shops in the Pokemon Centers and I've ordered Roserade Tea a few times :3 *sips*

I like the way that the game asks what you want to do with newly captured Pokemon. In the past, it automatically sent them all to a computer. Now, it asks if you'd like to add it to your team instead. It saves me a lot of trips to the Pokemon Center to switch around the members of my team.

I'm thankful for the Munchlax that was distributed via Nintendo Network. It came with Hold Back, a move that attacks but doesn't cause the other pokemon to faint. I have no idea how I would have captured all the mons that I did without that.

Hau'oli City has a sweets shop with Slurpuff's picture on the sign :3 Creampuff love^^
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