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Another fullday

From lunch at China King Buffet of Lewisburg to LOTR Video Gaming to Making up my Notebooks for this Semester...I am tired. We played more board games yesterday and today. Last night in the Hobbit I had 19 jewels, so the only way to loose my turn was to roll a 20 on the 20-sided die - a one outta twenty chance. Guess what I rolled! Well, then in LOTR game, we were a fellowship of three: Dad=Sam, Me=Frodo, and Matt=Pippin. That was the order we fell. We were doing lousey. Sauron moved all the way up to us in the Helm's Deep section and he got Dad then me, and somehow (with the help of my grey and white double feet cards) moved the ring to Mt. Doom where we had one roll of the die to decide whether the ring or we were destroyed. Matt was the ringbearer, so he had to roll. Aw, Sauron got 'im! ah well. It was the best game ever - so "intense!!"

Tonight's Hobbit game was fun too, but no one got the Black Crack poem. I got two others which I recited perfectly - wheehee!! Still no word from Florida on my order...*nervously sweats*. Iron chef is on and the family is waiting....
Tags: art, food, games, stuffed animals, tv

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