Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

Snow, Snow, Snow!

It feels like winter outside. According to the National Weather Service, it's 15 degrees here at 10:20 am. We're supposed to get some snow/sleet/ice this weekend, so we're planning to stay in and work on last-minute cleaning and presents.

Speaking of snow, this past Tuesday Dad received a wonderful present for his birthday - a picture-perfect snowfall :)



Two views from Susquehanna University when I left work at 5 pm.


The students have gone home for the semester, so it's quiet around the paved sidewalks.


We went out to dinner for Dad's birthday and passed by this park in Milton on the way home. We had to stop to enjoy the snow :D


The park was also quiet - we had it all to ourselves! Everyone else must have been inside drinking hot chocolate to stay warm.


Dad posed with Santa, lifting up the bag full of presents ^_^


Meanwhile, I met Rudolf. His nose was a red light, though it's kind of washed out in the photo :)
Tags: family, holiday, pictures, weather

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